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Serial Cables is thrilled to have teamed up with Quarch Technology and would like to Introduce the industries first, affordable, fully 'automated' solution for physically simulating cable pulls, hot plugs, hot swaps, power events, bad cables and even control individual signals for xx (programmable) amount of time, independently! This product line was designed and built by a team of SAS/SATA and Fiber Channel experts that worked in the industry for years and saw a real-world need in the marketplace for these incredible new products.

Whether you are most interested in the x4 wide port connection or the individual HDD/SSD device connections and SBB modules there is a Quarch Torridon solution for you.  And using the 1u array controller and its easy-to-use and script-able RS232 interface (USB available for the x4 cable pull module too) you can easily script and automate up to 28 individual devices per/array controller and up to 8 array controllers can be hooked together for a plethora of testing scenarios.  And it doesn't stop with just SAS/SATA; there's USB 3.0, RJ45 (10GbE) and soon SFP+ and QSFP too!

Quarch has spent a great deal of engineering development focusing on making this product the most non-intrusive and truly passive 6gbs SAS/SATA system in the industry and thus looking nearly 'transparent' to the rest of the system under test.

TestMonkey is a Quarch provided GUI interface for quickly evaluating and programming the modules via USB (cable pull module only) and through RS232.  This software is available upon request.  However, nearly all our current users are fully automating this product by using any industry standard programming tools through the RS232 interface.

It only takes minutes to get up and running and doing automated testing and debug at level never before accomplished.  Many electrical error injection schema's can be easily scripted up and run over and over again through any of your test software using industry standard languages such as PERL, etc.

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